A little bit of snow and a lot of trouble

» Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Copenhagen experienced a temporary breakout of “extreme” winter weather during the last few days. During the snowstorm from Wednesday to Thursday, I’d estimate a total snowfall of around 20 cm. Now, although that’s a nice winter, It’s not really a lot of snow. What makes this cold period unusual to me though, is that – in spite of what this photo would suggest – there does not seem to be a single plow in all of Copenhagen. And instead of removing the snow, the Danes are combating the white force using salt, which works fine for a little snow and ice, but the result of throwing salt on this much snow is “white mud”.

Understandably, the heavy snowfall caused a lot of trouble for public transportation. Most S-Trains were canceled, and DSB allowed all passengers to travel free of charge on Thursday. Unfortunately, DSB seems to be as helpless as anyone else in coping with the white force. After 4 days, most of the lines are still completely canceled, and the remaining ones only run on a very irregular schedule.

Nevertheless, the last few days have offered very nice sceneries.