Summer of Bullito

» Friday, May 4th, 2012

GPS Tracking Test

» Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I GPS logged myself driving from Frankfurt Airport to my parents. After a lot of messing around with the pathetic software, I finally managed to extract the GPS data from the iBlue 747 - thanks to the BT747 project. The UI sucks, but it works, better than that Taiwanese crap that came with the device.

Now, I am hoping that the Mac Travel Recorder at least tries to live up to Mac software standards…

I do however enjoy the result. I’ll try to have it running during a flight tomorrow.

9 months

» Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Well, it’s been a very fast 9 months, but I am back to give you the lowdown. After finally receiving my master’s degree in telecommunications engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in early summer last year, I finished the project at ITU in Copenhagen which i had working on since February ‘07 (You can find some more about how it’s been developing since then here - notice the silhouettes and fingers…). While still in Copenhagen, I applied for an entry level position in a large technology and management consultancy and attended an assessment center in their Zürich premises. I was offered a position and finally joined the company’s German branch starting September ‘07.

The first month of my new job was filled by getting to know my fresh peers - the group of new joiners for the German speaking region of Europe in the month of September alone was around 150 people, and being “trained” in the basics of our project procedures both in our German headquarters and in our “boot camp” near Chicago, IL. Then, after 2 weeks of waiting on the bench, I started my actual work on my first project working on an IT migration for a big German enterprise in Frankfurt. This means leaving home and the beautiful better half on monday morning and returning on friday afternoons.

Until the end of last year, I spent my weekday nights in a hotel of somewhat varying standards (mold - anyone?) just below the landing circuit for Frankfurt Airport. Since January, I have been accommodated in a project appartment in Frankfurt Bockenheim, next to Frankfurt University. Since about a month ago, I also finally have internet access, a privilege often underestimated (talk about commoditization…). My project is keeping me more or less busy, but working times have been very humane so far.

One of my new years resolutions is to revive my blog for the 134th time.

Godspeed and till the next time!

Me with cat in front of Kwik-E-Mart

» Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Me with cat in front of Kwik-E-Mart

(Originally uploaded by popkick) finally makes it possible to become one of the yellow crew. Of course someone else should finetune your character, to make the caricature perfect. This one is all me. With Cat.

Via Wired’s Compiler Blog.

A little bit of snow and a lot of trouble

» Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Copenhagen experienced a temporary breakout of “extreme” winter weather during the last few days. During the snowstorm from Wednesday to Thursday, I’d estimate a total snowfall of around 20 cm. Now, although that’s a nice winter, It’s not really a lot of snow. What makes this cold period unusual to me though, is that – in spite of what this photo would suggest – there does not seem to be a single plow in all of Copenhagen. And instead of removing the snow, the Danes are combating the white force using salt, which works fine for a little snow and ice, but the result of throwing salt on this much snow is “white mud”.

Understandably, the heavy snowfall caused a lot of trouble for public transportation. Most S-Trains were canceled, and DSB allowed all passengers to travel free of charge on Thursday. Unfortunately, DSB seems to be as helpless as anyone else in coping with the white force. After 4 days, most of the lines are still completely canceled, and the remaining ones only run on a very irregular schedule.

Nevertheless, the last few days have offered very nice sceneries.


» Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Some news from the personal front. Since last thursday, the first of February, I am in Copenhagen. I joined the Innovative Communications Group at the IT University of Copenhagen, and will be working on project on location based mobile services until the end of April. The ITU is a small and very young university focusing on reasearch and education in the field of information technology, especially on intersections to other fields, such as society, psychology, etc.

My master’s thesis is finally finished, and waiting to be accepted together with my graduation, which I hope will take place in March.

I’m back!

» Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

After a long period of stagnation and zero-activity on, I’ve decided to take up updating again. I’ve migrated the old site over to my personal site (yeah, is my personal site too, I guess…) and continue it under the name. A fresh design signals good intentions for more frequent updates. Since I’ve started to use Google Reader on a daily basis, finding lots of interesting stuff on Al Gore’s Internet thingy, I thought I could share some of that here.
I’ll be adding some more other content in the next time…