9 months

» Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Well, it’s been a very fast 9 months, but I am back to give you the lowdown. After finally receiving my master’s degree in telecommunications engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in early summer last year, I finished the project at ITU in Copenhagen which i had working on since February ‘07 (You can find some more about how it’s been developing since then here - notice the silhouettes and fingers…). While still in Copenhagen, I applied for an entry level position in a large technology and management consultancy and attended an assessment center in their Zürich premises. I was offered a position and finally joined the company’s German branch starting September ‘07.

The first month of my new job was filled by getting to know my fresh peers - the group of new joiners for the German speaking region of Europe in the month of September alone was around 150 people, and being “trained” in the basics of our project procedures both in our German headquarters and in our “boot camp” near Chicago, IL. Then, after 2 weeks of waiting on the bench, I started my actual work on my first project working on an IT migration for a big German enterprise in Frankfurt. This means leaving home and the beautiful better half on monday morning and returning on friday afternoons.

Until the end of last year, I spent my weekday nights in a hotel of somewhat varying standards (mold - anyone?) just below the landing circuit for Frankfurt Airport. Since January, I have been accommodated in a project appartment in Frankfurt Bockenheim, next to Frankfurt University. Since about a month ago, I also finally have internet access, a privilege often underestimated (talk about commoditization…). My project is keeping me more or less busy, but working times have been very humane so far.

One of my new years resolutions is to revive my blog for the 134th time.

Godspeed and till the next time!