So, what’s up with me, you ask?

» November 15th, 2006

If you do, here’s some bits and peaces.

Well, I’m in Aachen, as I have been pretty much since february. I moved in with my girlfriend Janina, and have been working on my Master’s Thesis since then. I’m still on it, although the end is not that far away anymore. I just have to edit the long rants and make it into something more compact and relevant. That should be completed within the next weeks. Then, there’s a programming exercise for a course that I have been dragging around for almost a year now (actually, It’s almost exactly a year now, since the course has just started again…) that still needs to be completed. After that I have to take the “thesis essay” exam and present my thesis and I should be all done and graduate. Then I guess I need to find a job.

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