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The Cupertino effect

» Thursday, November 16th, 2006

The EU and other international organizations are having a problem caused by spell checkers, which they have dubbed “the Cupertino effect”. Apparently, a lot if the dictionaries in various word processors used throughout these organizations misinterpret cooperation, spelled without a dash as a misspelling of Cupertino (as in 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA), rather than suggesting to replace it with co-operation. As a result, hundreds of defaced documents have been published by the EU and others.

What’s really interesting to me here is the fact that this does not seem to be an Apple specific problem. Although the built in spell checker of OS X does suggest Cupertino as firsthand alternative for cooperation when using the british english dictionary (which is a little stupidity that Apple could have avoided…), certain versions of MS Word sport the very same “feature”. Honestly, I don’t really see why Cupertino needs to be a default entry in a word processor’s dictionary anyways. Aachen, Dorsten or Oestrich-Winkel certainly aren’t. (via kottke)

So, what’s up with me, you ask?

» Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

If you do, here’s some bits and peaces.

Well, I’m in Aachen, as I have been pretty much since february. I moved in with my girlfriend Janina, and have been working on my Master’s Thesis since then. I’m still on it, although the end is not that far away anymore. I just have to edit the long rants and make it into something more compact and relevant. That should be completed within the next weeks. Then, there’s a programming exercise for a course that I have been dragging around for almost a year now (actually, It’s almost exactly a year now, since the course has just started again…) that still needs to be completed. After that I have to take the “thesis essay” exam and present my thesis and I should be all done and graduate. Then I guess I need to find a job.

I’m back!

» Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

After a long period of stagnation and zero-activity on, I’ve decided to take up updating again. I’ve migrated the old site over to my personal site (yeah, is my personal site too, I guess…) and continue it under the name. A fresh design signals good intentions for more frequent updates. Since I’ve started to use Google Reader on a daily basis, finding lots of interesting stuff on Al Gore’s Internet thingy, I thought I could share some of that here.
I’ll be adding some more other content in the next time…